SafeSTS Transfer Technology Limited (SafeSTS TTL), a specialist provider of market-leading hardware and software solutions, which facilitate the secure transfer of oil and derivatives between vessels, has been appointed as a UK distributor of Trelleborg’s pneumatic fenders.

This development is a logical extension of SafeSTS’ core activity as a globally-recognised pioneer in the provision of ship-to-ship transfer services to oil majors and traders.

Trelleborg’s ISO17357-1:2014 compliant pneumatic fenders are supplied fully tested and meet PIANC 2002 guidelines.

Backed by over 100 years of experience in polymer technology, Trelleborg’s smarter approach to R&D, manufacturing, testing and stringent quality control, ensures the supply of premium quality fenders.

Pneumatic fenders are ideal for permanent or semi-permanent port operations, particularly in challenging conditions such as large tidal ranges, as well as for offshore ship-to-ship transfers.

Via this agreement, the new SafeTTL division now has access to a significant worldwide stock of floating fenders in a range of sizes from 0.5m to 6m in diameter.  When combined with the existing SafeSTS fleet of fenders and Oil, LPG and LNG transfer hoses, which are also offered for sale or rental, the business is now in a position to support clients with a much broader scope of offshore, nearshore and in-harbour berthing and transfer challenges.

SafeSTS has a policy of continuous improvement and by extending their services in this way, the company will be able to continually renew its STS assets and maintain a low age profile for their global inventory of fenders.

Offering more than simple product supply, its team of master mariners are able to consult upon best practice and is supplemented by a team of marine engineers who travel worldwide to assist with on-site deployment and / or maintenance of client assets, whether rented or purchased.

Lara Griffin, Commercial Lead at SafeTTL deems the addition of Trelleborg’s pneumatic fenders to its product portfolio as an important development, allowing it to better serve its ever-expanding customer base.

“We and Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation have a shared drive and passion for the consultative supply of innovative, safety-enhancing marine systems.  To this we add hands-on experience of best practice in how to correctly handle, operate and maintain pneumatic fenders to ensure safe ongoing usage, as well as the longevity and related ROI of these investments.

We work with our clients to create customised systems using the latest technologies to ensure the safe and efficient transhipment of products. Other initiatives include the installation of associated virtual reality systems for remote learning, incident re-enactment and base audits. SafeSTS has a clear policy of ‘safety first’ closely followed by plans for improving the carbon footprint of ship-to-ship transfer. Its ultimate ambition is to achieve a carbon-neutral footprint.”  To this end SafeSTS will be working closely with Trelleborg and all of its supply chain to reach carbon neutrality in the future.

Paul Welling, President of marine fenders at Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation, commented:

“We are delighted to appoint SafeTTL as an authorised distributor of our range of pneumatic fenders for the UK market. As one of the world’s foremost users of pneumatic fenders within their own STS operations, there are few people who have a deeper understanding than SafeSTS of what it takes to manufacture best-in-class fenders or who is better able to support these assets throughout their service lives.”

More information on the natural synergy between manufacturers and experienced operators of pneumatic fenders and the implications of this for the market can be found in a paper on the subject written by SafeSTS Marine Director Capt. Bob Gilchrist, which can be downloaded from

SafeSTS has securely conducted countless STS operations from multiple locations around the world since being founded in 2009. Yvonne Gilchrist-Mason OBE comments that “the business is demonstrably committed to safety first and, to a pathway to carbon neutrality.”