Having implemented its business interruption plans and procedures, international ship-to-ship transfer company SafeSTS used the periods of COVID-19 lockdowns and other 2020 global pandemic restrictions to review and look for additional opportunities in areas where its experience, skills and expertise could help to further grow  its business.

“One of our first actions was to undertake a detailed skills audit throughout the management team,” said Chief Executive Yvonne Mason OBE. “This has resulted in redefined responsibilities for many members of our team, and a number of promotions and career progressions.  I am proud that everyone stepped up to the challenges associated with business survival in 2020 and growth into 2021 and beyond. We have secured every single job in the company and expanded the team in recent months.”

The business review highlighted a number of new opportunities, one of which resulted in the company commencing ship-to-ship transfer operations in the North Sea waters off Southwold in Suffolk, with an operations support base being established in Lowestoft.

“We are now undertaking regular STS operations off Southwold, and this operational base also provides the facility for local training, audits and new product trials,” commented Operations Manager Charlotte Frost on a recent visit to Lowestoft.

Working from 14 locations around the world, SafeSTS is continuing to navigate its way through a wide range of pandemic restrictions as it seeks to provide its specialist service to its international oil and gas clients. Despite these restrictions, the oil and gas majors have ambitious global expansion plans, and as a result, SafeSTS is planning to commence operations in Brazil during Q2/2021, with four more bases in the planning stage.

“I am looking towards the future,” concludes Yvonne Mason, “but I am conscious that there is a lot to be done. The development of the technology and the management tools that we have recently introduced into the company reflect the ambition and high level skill set of the team and their dedication to bringing the next generation of safety initiatives into our industry. We are investing heavily into R&D and will continue to do so over the coming years. All the work being done will open up huge potential for the way in which our expanding client base can interact with us. However I am confident that we are now well positioned to achieve our exacting goals and objectives”.