In late 2018, 16 attendees from Dokai Marine Systems, SafeSTS’s Japanese partner, took part in a two-day intensive training session in Nagasaki City, led by Japan’s regulatory Maritime Disaster Prevention Centre (MDPC), which addressed oil spill response with Single Ship System (SSS).

During the first day’s session, following an explanatory PowerPoint presentation, Dokai staff practiced setting up a skimmer head, outrigger, temporary storage tank and absorbent roll on the pier, before loading the equipment on to one of the STS Support vessels.

Dokai Marine Systems maintains sophisticated oil spill response equipment at its Nagasaki base in Japan. The second session reinforced Dokai staff’s understanding of the equipment, before sailing to a training area at sea for extensive hands-on training.

Yvonne Mason, Managing Director of SafeSTS, is fully supportive of regular safety training, commenting:

“In this industry, the stakes are high, and alongside integrity, reliability and expertise, safety is rightly at the core of both the company’s and its partner’s values. Maintaining a high degree of safety does not detract from the need for comprehensive response management. We must always plan ahead, and these two days of intensive training delivered by MDPC have ensured that our team is fully conversant with use of the oil recovery equipment.”