Future Marine Services is one of only 23 companies in the East of England to become part of the 2019 Export Champions Community, one of the key pillars of the UK Government’s Export Strategy.

Led by Yvonne Mason and Capt. Bob Gilchrist, the company specialises in the ship-to-ship transfer of oil and gas from a growing number of global locations. Using predominantly British high-level marine skills, the service supports developing countries with their import and export requirements, often in advance of traditional infrastructure developments.

With 99.9% of Future Marine Services turnover coming from exporting, its overseas marketplaces now include Asia, the Middle East, North, East and South Africa and South America.

Yvonne Mason is an enthusiastic supporter of this initiative, saying: “All of us here are delighted that Future Marine Services is to be a member of the Export Champions Community. We know from experience that there are often unique barriers to overcome when looking to enter export marketplaces, and as Export Champions we believe we will be able to provide information, guidance and encouragement to other businesses considering those markets for their products and services”.

The Department of International Trade recently held an inaugural event in Cambridge where Export Champions in the East of England came together to discuss ways in which they could help communicate the benefits of exporting to other businesses, whilst also assisting in shaping the Department’s policies and support offers.